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Where’s My F**king Unicorn?

  • Pub month: August 2017
  • ISBN-13: 9781781453087
  • Author: Michelle Gordon
  • Price: £7.99
  • Binding: HB
  • No. of pages: 80
  • Dimensions: 200 x 138 mm
  • Colour: Full colour throughout

Are your bookshelves filled with self-help books, and yet your life feels empty? Do you keep following paths to enlightenment that lead to the same dead ends? Have your mythical, magical hopes and dreams remained in sight but out of reach? You’ve read the books, attended the seminars, done the chanting and taken heed of every bit of advice going…but you’re still waiting for your f**king unicorn to come along!

Where’s My F**king Unicorn? is a guide to life, creativity and happiness that offers a very different way forward. Author, speaker and creator of the Earth Angel series of novels, Michelle Gordon explains why, in spite of all your best efforts, your life still doesn’t live up to your vision of what it should be…and tells you exactly what you can do about it. In refreshingly down-to-earth language, she shows you how to harness all the self-knowledge you have gained from all those self-help books you’ve read, and actually start putting it to practical use.

Beautifully illustrated and delightfully different, Where’s My F**king Unicorn takes a light-hearted approach to a serious subject: YOU! It will help you to choose those routines and rituals that, while they might not work for everyone, might just work for you. Who knows, with some tough love and a full moon, it might inspire you to find your f**king unicorn for yourself.

Author Information

Michelle Gordon
Michelle Gordon is an author, speaker and writing coach. She writes fiction in the Earth Angel and Visionary Collection series and runs the Earth Angel Training Academy online. Where’s My F**king Unicorn? is her first non-fiction book.