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Be Calm

  • Pub date: May 2019
  • ISBN-13: 9781781453865
  • Price: £9.99
  • Binding: Case Bound
  • No. of pages: 128
  • Dimensions: 191 x 140
  • Color : Full colour throughout

Be Calm

Teen Breathe: Be Calm is a guide for teenagers to help them learn to be more peaceful and free from worry, and to remain cool in times of stress. It includes various strategies, from yoga and meditation exercises to learning how to manage strong emotions, from revising effectively to calmly expressing your point of view, and from stargazing to creating a DIY retreat. With supportive, unpatronising and gender-neutral editorial, the Teen Breathe series offers conceptual and delicate illustrations that invite readers to reflect on the many changes and challenges affecting them. Most importantly, it celebrates individuality, boosting self-esteem. This innovative approach, informative and engaging, makes these books an empowering tool that will be welcomed by teenagers, and praised by parents and teachers alike.

The Teen Breathe series of books is written by the team behind the bestselling magazines, Breathe and Teen Breathe, and experts from various fields, such as education and wellbeing.

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