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Mastering Wildlife Photography

Wildlife is one of the most challenging and popular subjects for photographers. With strong emphasis on the ethics and legalities of animal welfare, the protection of the environment and the responsibilities of the photographer, Richard Garvey-Williams’ concise, comprehensive yet accessible text covers the practical techniques of photography and how they relate to capturing stunning images of quarry that is invariably erratic, often endangered, and typically shy and elusive. Stressing the need for meticulous preparation and research in planning a field trip, he covers scouting locations, timing of trips relative to the seasons, in addition assembling a kit of equipment and transporting it overseas; there’s in-depth insight into field craft, including the use of hides, feeding, baiting and stalking, while remaining vigilant to danger.

The book also contains an essential guide to lighting, composition, the emotive response to the subject, how best to photograph groups of animals or birds, plus techniques for capturing action, close-ups and studies of botanicals.

Author Information

Richard Garvey-Williams
Richard Garvey-Williams was fortunate to have spent much of his up-bringing in East Africa and naturally developed a love for the wildlife that was so abundant at that time. On leaving school he obtained a degree in Zoology from Manchester University, but it was only later that his passion for the natural world was re-kindled, largely by linking it to his other love – photography. Richard and his wife Lisa spent eight years living in the southern part of Greece in an area blessed with some wonderful mountain scenery and deep gorges. This, in combination with the changes that occurred through the seasons and the wonderful light quality, provided excellent opportunities for him to hone his landscape photography skills. In addition to exhibiting prints and publishing his work, Richard regularly leads photographic safaris and landscape photography workshop holidays abroad, in addition to workshops and tutorials to individuals and small groups at his South Devon home.