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Mastering Composition

What makes a great photo? Flicking through the pages of most popular photography magazines you might get the impression that there’s only one rule of importance – ‘the rule of thirds’. Indeed it appears that some will judge the merit of a photograph based almost solely on this. Rarely do you hear discussion about ‘visual weight’, ‘balance’, ‘negative space’, ‘depth’ and so on. Author and professional photographer Richard Garvey-Williams argues that success lies in a combination of four elements: an impactful subject; dynamic composition; effective use of lighting; and, perhaps the most crucial, ability to invoke an emotional response in the viewer.

In clear, concise and jargon-free text he also considers the role of tone and colour in good composition, and offers invaluable tips and the tools to help the photographer take control of the creative process. The book is illustrated with examples of the author’s own beautiful nature photography, along with diagrams and notation to explain techniques most clearly. A final chapter in this definitive guide for all serious photographers discusses photography and its relationship to art before offering a considered conclusion to the exploration of this fascinating topic.

Author Information

Richard Garvey-Williams
Richard Garvey-Williams was fortunate to have spent much of his up-bringing in East Africa and naturally developed a love for the wildlife that was so abundant at that time. On leaving school he obtained a degree in Zoology from Manchester University, but it was only later that his passion for the natural world was re-kindled, largely by linking it to his other love – photography. Richard and his wife Lisa spent eight years living in the southern part of Greece in an area blessed with some wonderful mountain scenery and deep gorges. This, in combination with the changes that occurred through the seasons and the wonderful light quality, provided excellent opportunities for him to hone his landscape photography skills. In addition to exhibiting prints and publishing his work, Richard regularly leads photographic safaris and landscape photography workshop holidays abroad, in addition to workshops and tutorials to individuals and small groups at his South Devon home.