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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Taking Better Photographs

  • Pub month: October 2019
  • ISBN-13: 9781781453773
  • Author: Antony Zacharias
  • Price: £12.99
  • Binding: HB
  • No. of pages: 128
  • Dimensions: 155 x 195 mm
  • Colour: Full colour throughout

You know it when you see a seriously good photo. But what did the photographer do to achieve it? And how can you make your own photos work in the same way? This book provides all the answers, with none of the sweat. Taking 50 exceptional images, and 50 instant explanations, it shows you how to start taking serious photos and stop making simple mistakes. You will discover all you need to know about composition, exposure, light, lenses, and creativity – without any of the jargon or the waffle. Whether you want to develop your digital dexterity or add some inspiration to your Instagram, this is all you need to know to start taking seriously good photographs of your own.

Author Information

Antony Zacharias
Antony Zacharias is an award-winning photographer based in London who is particularly known for his vivid architectural images and his unique perspectives on cities ranging from New York to London. His work has been commissioned by Toyota US and Sky Atlantic, and published by the BBC, Guardian, Times and Ecologist. His titles published by Ammonite Press include Mastering Long Exposure and Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Taking Better Photographs.