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Biographic: Sherlock

The ‘Biographic’ series presents an entirely new way of looking at the lives of the world’s greatest thinkers and creatives. It takes the 50 defining facts, dates, thoughts, habits, and achievements of each subject, and uses infographics to convey each of them in vivid snapshots.

Many people know that Sherlock Holmes was an enigmatic detective who, with his companion Dr Watson, pursued criminals through Victorian and Edwardian England. What, perhaps, they don’t know is that he investigated 60 fully documented cases, including 37 murders, that 46 of those cases began in his offices at 221B Baker Street, that only three of them involved his nemesis Moriarty, and that in his later years Holmes spent his time beekeeping on the Sussex Downs.

Biographic: Sherlock presents an investigative guide to his life and work, with an array of clues and observations converted into infographics to reveal the detective behind the detection.

Author Information

Viv Croot
Viv Croot is a writer and editor specialising in adult non-fiction and popular culture. She has written or contributed to over 50 books on subjects from art to zoology, and her recent titles include Biographic: The Beatles and Biographic: Klimt. She lives in Essex, England.