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Biographic: Monet

The ‘Biographic’ series presents an entirely new way of looking at the lives of the world’s greatest thinkers and creatives. It takes the 50 defining facts, dates, thoughts, habits, and achievements of each subject, and uses infographics to convey each of them in vivid snapshots.

Many people know that Claude Monet (1840-1926) was a founder of French Impressionism, a master of landscape painting whose works include ‘Impression, Sunrise’ and ‘Water Lilies’. What, perhaps, they don’t know is that he created the ponds featuring those water lilies and spent 30 years painting 250 oils of them, that his water-lily work ‘Le Bassin aux Nymphease’ sold in 2008 for £40 million, that his painting ‘Cliffs Near Dieppe’ was stolen not once but twice, and that he was almost blind when he painted some of his most famous works. Biographic: Monet presents an instant impression of his life, work and fame, with an array of irresistible facts and figures converted into infographics to reveal the artist behind the pictures.

Author Information

Richard Wiles
Richard Wiles studied periodical journalism, photography and printing processes at the London College of Printing. As a writer, editor and illustrator, he has successfully blended graphic design and editorial skills in the creation of magazines and books on topics ranging from history to popular culture. He is the author of Biographic: Churchill and Biographic: Monet